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Extroverts first-ever full-length studio album. Lyrics direct from the disco heyday of 1979, music created 2009-2016 - a veritable punk and roll time machine!


released September 9, 2016

Produced by Swill Phector. All songs written by the Extroverts.



all rights reserved


Extroverts regina, Saskatchewan

Extroverts formed in Regina in 1979, and for 2.5 years created high-energy, fun rock-punk music. Now all 4 original members are back writing, recording and touring. Extroverts have unearthed demos, 13 of which were released June 2015 as EXTROVERTS DEMO 1979. Spring 2016 will see the release of 7” single of new songs Government Girls/Hysteria Night in support of June 2016 full-length album. ... more

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Track Name: Marilyn Monroe's Eyes
Marilyn Monroe's Eyes - Americans want the American dream, Americans need an American queen To patronize, worship, another bone idol, The American
dream is so suicidal. So you find a little girl on a director’s bed, Like a million little girls, trying to get ahead And you give her name that
people recognize, fill up her head with a million lies. See the lies See the lies See the lies in her eyesBut the lies weren’t there in the
original version, The lies were all a part of a business perversion, Ya gotta have an image for the people to love, a little bit of help from the
men up above. For a while she’s the darling of American culture, The queen of a land where the people are vultures. Wait until she’s dead, then
pick out her heart, play with it a while – then tear it apart.
Track Name: New York Circles
New York Circles - Ever had a dream or a funny sort of feeling you can’t explain? Like a smile from a movie scene, or a funny sort of feeling like
you’re in pain? All of a sudden, you’re in a spin, you’re shaking all over, your knees cave in. (You're Uptown) she’s got you running around,
(Downtown) all over this town, (Midtown) she's got you running around - O No. Ever seen a place or had a funny sort of feeling you’re not alone?
Then you see her pretty face, and you know right then & there you gotta take her home. She’s gonna lead you around. Yeah Yeah Yeah.
Track Name: Government Girls (SUPPLE Version)
Government Girls - Here they come in Monday morning and on the buses oh they’re so sweet. Here they come in every morning, oh they’re walking on
the neat concrete. And at their offices so air-conditioned, at coffee don’t crack a smile. Blue hair, eyes all pre-conditioned, working at their
desks, baby, mile by mile. They’re the (HA HA) government girls, working for the government! Early in the afternoon, desert faces in all the desks.
There’s a new one from the steno pool, it’s a fact she’ll look like all the rest. I get confused by the typewriter’s sound, I get excited by the
Xerox machine, I’ll copy you girls, you copy me down, ten thousand messages, so obscene.
Track Name: Pretty Fascist
Pretty Fascist - Hopeless romantics, they end up in pain, lying, lost ‘n’ lonely on a wet bed stain. And Latin lovers, they do not exist, but I’ll
make believe, honey, if you insist. Pretty fascist, I think it's love, it must be love, I guess it's love, I'm in love. We’re all little Hitlers,
in our own backyards, We rant and we rave about what’s rightfully ours. The way that you look, honey, the set of your eye, You could make Mussolini
break down and cry. In this is the little Italy we hold in our hearts, Pretending we believe it is the hardest part. No room for freedom, it’s not
part of the scheme, Emotional fascism – it’s more than a bad dream.
Track Name: Negative Soul
Negative Soul - Over in the corner the poseurs hang out, Talking ‘bout fashion and political clout. Thinkin’ they're hot on the trail, no doubt,
It’s time for someone to straighten them out. It’s a gas gas gas to be in this place, Let’s all sip Perrier and get face to face and Discuss topics
like nuclear waste and Who’s doing who, and who’s in disgrace. But we all know that The blues got soul (disco don’t) Reggae got soul (MOR don’t)
Rock n roll got soul (metal don’t) Punk got soul (new wave don’t). Let’s dance to the music that’s number one, Disco or something equally numb.
We'll all mouth words like we’re having fun, We’ll have the right style and haircuts and chums. Well, look at them dancing like they’re machines,
One thing is true – they are impeccably clean, livin' the life, man, living the dream, The poseurs are happy to be in this scene. So the money’s
been spent at the boutique, Campari and soda in Martinique, And haute couture, oh tres chic, Makeup so thick no one can speak.
Track Name: TV Baby
TV Baby - I’m either UHF or VHF, UHF or VHF, I’m either very high frequency or ultra high frequency. TV Baby watching myself
on TV, TV Baby on the TV screen, TV Baby watching all those TVs, TV Baby on the TV screen. Twist the knobs on my set, plug
me in to your outlet, Yeah, a TV baby fading away, Live your whole life in only one day., How’s my tracking, am I fading
away? Live your whole life in only one day.
Track Name: Disco Disaster
Disco Disaster - Disco Disaster, I’m in trouble, they cut off my legs, I can’t dance. I’m in trouble, I can’t make it, I can’t
dance. Disco Disaster, I’m in shit, they ripped out my balls, I can't dance. I’m in trouble, I can’t make it, I can’t dance.
I don’t wanna disco, I just wanna pogo on your face.
Track Name: Passage
Passage - Grim lines, waiting on and on, smell of the desert, Intruder in this dream. Outside, feel the night air, feel it
change, as you pass the countryside. Passage. The feeling of motion, Outside, feeling the night air, feel it change. Mildly
threatening, Grim lines, waiting on and on, smell of the desert. Intruder in this dream, On and on, until disturbed. Passage.
The feeling of motion.
Track Name: Spudboy
Spudboy - See through plastic, see me spastic, Head cold, try a contact, Head cold, relax. Spudboy's got a head cold. OK.
Okay, that’s better now, okay, feel better now, Head cold, contact, head cold, relax. H1N1, swine flu, listeria, west nile,
oh oh, relax. What if it's not a head cold?
Track Name: Placebo Effect
Placebo Effect - Counting up those seconds on a digital watch, We're pouring out ounces from a bottle of scotch. It helps
ease the pain, it helps pass the time, A temporary solution is the best sometimes. And so on and so forth, and every tiny
detail, That passes his mind at the end of the day, Then a glance to the left, an astonishing face, A blur with the motion
of the saving grace. Placebo, Placebo, Placebo Effect.
Track Name: Hysteria Night
Hysteria Night - After walking 'til your feet drop, seeing the edge and beyond, stop. Stop hearing that sound drop, nearly
feeling your heart stop. Onto the verge, walking along the ledge. Feel that drop, into the night. Electricity, the city turns
back into the night. Hysteria night (I wanna scream), Hysteria Night (because it's night) Hysteria Night I wanna scream,
everybody scream. The city at night, is a safe place to be, right, ‘Cause a city at night is so bright and quiet and light
Track Name: Cheap Entertainment
Cheap Entertainment - Four bucks a head really knocks 'em dead, Youse pay your money, youse take your chances. Initiation
fee, you don’t get in for free, It’s just a movie, you can always leave. Stare at the screen, ya know what I mean, You don’t
have to think, let the image fade. What’s the new trend, it won’t even offend, Just cut ‘em out, stack 'em up – continue the
theme. The audience yawns, the image is gone, Get into the car, turn the TV on. What was that show, you don’t even know,
It was just another, same as all the others.